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Sneaky Sunday Ride

27 Mar

Low 'Trail' Geometry?

Today we woke to rainy skies and said, eh, we’ll go to the gym. Super meditation mindful SurlyLady to the yoga, me to the cardio and weight training. Since she was in an hour-long class, I wound up doing lots of stuff and it felt great. Then, I heard from JamisLad – riding today?

Heck yeah!

So we made arrangements to go up to the Centennial Trail. On the way the dark clouds were ominous, and the windshield wiper action was obvious – oh boy, this could be a soaker. Once we stopped in Snohomish and got started, the rain wasn’t too bad. Pushing off onto the trail felt so good, but within twenty feet I saw that JamisLad was going to be Hammer Time today… I could barely keep up!

Once we stopped at the train station bathroom area at Machias, the rain seemed to stop as well. From there on out we only saw scattered drops, little flurries that never lasted too long. In fact, it actually wound up being partly sunny. Yay!

Just like the Eskimo have 1,000,000,000,000,000,003 words for snow, so too the Seattle-ites have grousing conversational descriptions of rain. (It rains here ALL THE TIME. You would not want to move here. Trust me.) We have 22 weather websites that have ‘seattle’ and or ‘rain’ in their titles; so why don’t I just let the subject of the weather drop.

The best news of the weekend, however, was what I saw on the scales Saturday morning – I broke 175 lbs! No, I didn’t break 175 local bike stores. Although, nearly a dozen of those 175 bike stores have made me nearly broke. 175 is the new 185, which was the new doctor recommended and doctor scoffed 200. So now I’ve officially lost 110 pounds. Even better, I’ve started wearing these:

For(n)ever in bloo jeans.

This is the size I used to wear in college, so I’m excited. It’s the visceral marker I’ve been aiming for, as opposed to the scales.

All of which puts me in a good position for hitting places like this in the coming months, when the sun is strong and the daffodills are dilli-iscious etcetera. Like Mazama, this coming May, grinding up hills like this: