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24 Oct

It’s been such a long time since we posted! And, maddeningly, since we’ve ridden. I’ve been off the bike, other than for a few scattered commutes, since the High Pass Challenge on Sept 11. We’ve been on a cross-country road trip, I’ve been further obsessed with work research (to the loss of the poor wee uns in the bike room), some family weirdness erupted and absorbed me for a few weeks, one of my old bands is going to get together to do a reunion show… and in truth after so many days on the road it’s been really nice just hanging out in our little domicile, and especially lounging on the couch.

On a lost weekend in all that mess we also traveled to Winthrop to finalize details on our new Curtlo bike. Yes, that’s plural, as in we’re going to have a tandem made! We combined our orders and went for it. I’m spec’ing a 650b tandem, something we can take for light touring/camping as well as all-day rides such as STP. I’m already looking forward to doing a one-day STP next year with the SurlyLady along for the ride. She’ll be armed with a super soaker to keep off the drafters, hah!

As for that cross-country trip, I intend to make some posts along those lines, but not tonight. Here’s a teaser picture for you, however.

I so want to go back there...

This was taken in the mountains above Lake City, CO. In my head I’m making some big plans for a return to Colorado for some road and mountain-bike riding someday soon. It’s an amazing state, from Colorado Springs to Gunnison to Buena Vista and all points in between…

Yesterday the ‘Lady and I went for a ride on the Centennial Trail. It’s a great ride to ‘reset’ yourself after time off the bike. Imagine our surprise when we realized the connection to Marysville appears to have been completed! You’ll basically be able to ride from Snohomish up to the Skagit County line now on a gorgeous paved trail now. Sweet.

I imagine we’ll be using that a lot this winter as we get back into cycling shape.