December Doldrums

12 Dec

Interestingly, after all the recent bluster blog about getting back on the saddle etc… Well, it ain’t been happenin.

I commuted to work one Thursday, and did a short ride on a Sunday somewhere in there. Other than that, for December, pretty much zilch. I’d figured, after the slog of writing every day in November for the NaNoWriMo I’d have all kinds of energy and time etc. But, events such as crazy heavy rain (near flooding one morning, with lighting and thunder, on a day we’d planned on riding in) and having to make way too many early morning meetings and consequently needing to get in way too early to prep for those meetings — well, it hasn’t been a good ratio.

The one consolation is that I’ve become a gym rat. At one point going six nights in a row. I’m finding good success with doing cardio every time, and then working through different sets in the weight training. One night I concentrate on legs/knees with stretches, squats, jumping and climbs. Other nights it’s all about the core, with floor stretches and Roman chairs. Another rotation includes a smorgasborg scattering, pullups, hamstrings, rowing, and then finally on a different night I concentrate on chest, shoulders and arms. I want to try to keep that up, and build back my former strength. It’s pathetic how quickly it goes and how slowly it’s earned back.

I’m trying to convince myself, in case you couldn’t tell, that this is a healthy hibernation and not the flagging spirit of an old guy finally catching up to his oldness!

The one thing that makes me feel okay about such hibernation, if indeed that’s all this is, is how often I dream about those spring rides. That feeling of the crisp air, the fragile sun on pale arms, the flash of light off windows, the slow winter blood finally warming up and nearly bubbling with excess energy. I’ll get there, we’ll all get there, and as long as I find fun ways to keep somewhat in shape in these dark weeks it’s gonna work out.


One Response to “December Doldrums”

  1. Ibis Dork December 15, 2010 at 9:34 pm #

    Don’t sweat it dude – hitting the gym multiple days per week ain’t exactly slumpin’ it. Sure, it’s not riding – but that will come.

    I’ve been completely engulfed with the winter Slump-O-Rama. Lucky If I’ve been on the bike once a week – a quick woods ride or torture session on the trainer. If I don’t bike commute, I’m toast. And I’ve been toast.

    It doesn’t bother me though, ’cause I know once the holiday madness ends and February looms around the corner, the riding will commence once again. Yes it will indeed, like it does every spring.

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